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War Outside  
Mamontovas, Andrius

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  • 2006-09-15 11:15:22
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From: evaldas - evaldas(a)acidjazz.lt
Parinko: expo
To: gerb(a)bamba.lt

Sukasi trys akordai visa daina: D F#m G ;) 
svarbu tik atitaikyti ritma;)

Inro D F#m G

 D                     F#m G
There is a war outside,
 D                     F#m G  
such a foolish game....
and you can watch them fight,
for what it\\\\\\\'s all the same.

Coz my woman is pregnant,
tell me what can she do?
She wants to save her baby,
how can I save her too?

There is a war outside,
there is no peace at all...
there is a place to die,
and you can watch them fall.


There is a war outside,
Just like inside you.
I have no tears to cry,
and she\\\\\\\'s not crying to.

P.S Kitoje sios dainos versijoje Foje - My woman is 
pregnant (is albumo The Flowing River EP)
per intro ir per pragrojimus skamba tokia melodike;)


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