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Amberlife - Whisper

C                            Am
Time is always asking you to much,
             Em                Am
It\'s not for someone, it\'s for you to go in tach.
C                               Am
Now you welcome to find out the true,
      Em              Am
To be leaving and the misticks hanging on the moon.

C                      Am
Au that something like whisper,
The end of the winnter,
And you know you realy care, all this.

Solo: C, Am, Em, Am (2x)

C                                  Am
Sun is shining thru the clear blue sky,
               Em                Am    
When those are paintengs and the hases sticks around free clise.
C                                     Am
Thru the smoke and sweepers downs the ice,
              Em                Am            
And trees are sad now, couse the rainbow screaming all the night.

Chorus: 2x

Solo: C, Am, Em, Am (2x)


Made by ZzombisS 2003.08.19

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