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flipping da bird  

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  • 2006-10-24 10:17:06
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From: ice96

Form ice96 Have fun:

C C G G Am Am F F

pirma dalis:
                C             C         G             G          
I was walking down the streat and flipping da bird to the girl
Am        Am       F          F
  wan\'t hapy she didn\'t like a bird,

I ask da bird what\'s wrong u da girl
Why da girl doesn\'t like a bird

Bird to tald me girl was to young
she was not alought to play da bird

A mama told that she need to grow older 
Before it\'s ok to flip da bird

Priedainis 2x:

It\'s ok to flip da bird,
It\'s ok to play da bird,
It\'s ok to feed him hurd,
It\'s ok to flip da bird,

pirma dalis

priedainis 4x

Nesusalkite ir parodykite kartais pirsta:D